Apollo Medical Center KitsilanoThe staff at Apollo are truly amazing BUDMASTERS!  And a welcome addition to our Kitsilano neighborhood.  Congratulations on obtaining your official Vancouver Medical Marijuana Business License.  It takes a lot of hard work to win over our city officials and these guys stand behind their products.

Apollo-Medicall-Center-KitislanoApollo Medical Society (AMS) aims to help people with chronic and terminal illnesses to improve their quality of life. They focus on providing pharmaceutical-grade cannabis through research and development as well as through collaborations with external partners, including academic institutions and healthcare professionals. AMS focuses on providing specific strains of cannabis for specific illnesses. Research has shown that there are a number of different serious illnesses that benefit from the use of cannabis and that certain strains work better for certain diseases.

AMS believes in raising the level of standards in this industry by providing a higher quality of service and providing a higher quality product to the patients that need it. Patient safety is of the utmost importance at AMS. Their pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products go through our in house analytical testing laboratory (Apollo Labs) to ensure a safe and reliable product every time. AMS is committed to making the community a safer place by helping regulate the retail medical cannabis industry, they will be able to provide patients with a safe and regulated place to purchase their medicine. AMS wants to help legitimize the retail medical cannabis sales in Canada.

Apollo Medical Center, 1712 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M1
Hours: FRI 10AM – 10PM / SA-TH 11AM – 7PM
Phone: (604) 559 9555

City Permits May Include More Restrictions on Edibles at Dispensaries.

BCbud Magazine Edibles SupportRESEARCH ARTICLE:  We want Dispensaries to talk to their patients and ask them to email us their testimonials. We are looking to find 3 patients testimonials that we can feature in an upcoming story.​

  1. Who can’t smoke.
  2. Who can’t cook for themselves.
  3. Who likes both and uses both for different reasons.

We need to bring light to the patients and show Vancouver city council that there is a bigger issue here.  We can work to keep this out of the hands of children without compromising Patient’s Rights. Please contact Brina at

Vancouver 4:20:15 BCBud Magazine


What an amazing day at 4.20 and what a great community to be apart of! The greatest place on earth – Vancouver 420 – 2015.

We could never have launched this magazine without the amazing support from our Local Medical Cannabis Community and supporting business’s, family and friends. If the information presented in this magazine is able to help alleviate pain and suffering of just one person, then that will have been worth all the effort. We expect, however, that many will benefit from understanding more about medicinal cannabis.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. This is just the beginning. We Hope To See you all at Dispensary 2233 Granville Street at 7:00 pm tonight. Get your complimentary copy of BCBUD Magazine and enjoy some fine tunes and great people.